One or More of These Is A True, Brew Story


“They have a Trivia Night at Strangeways Brewing on Tuesdays. Let’s do that instead of Scrabble!”

“Isley Brewing is right off of Boulevard and it’s a hot day for March; we should just go there and stay cool inside, not wait in line at Shamrock the Block festival, sheesh..”

“That sounds like a great band, Hardywood park brewery, but will y’all have a food truck?”

“OK so it’s too hot to go to the ballpark, but let’s go dine at that place nearby that sells the local team’s namesake beer at a discount on game nights!” Continue reading

Since I Can’t Ask Klosterman His Opinion on “True Defective”

The new season of True Detective is a letdown. To demonstrate, I will use a Zodiac of Animal Crackers types.

If I’m sounding impudent in my renaming of HBO’s new season of its hit prestige drama it’s because I fell for the hype, allowed myself to get excited for a made-for-tv drama boasting big name movie stars and acclaimed cinematography and writing — such writing as speaks to my Inner Dark Person. For me, this show falls flat, and worse, falls short of its expectations. Falling flat because it tries for gravitas, but all I feel is gravity (substitute “The heavy, the heavy” for “The horror, the horror,” maybe.) Continue reading


Counting myself among the millions of viewers enamored with the series “House of Cards,” I guess it’s only because I’m not a wired-in couch potato that I haven’t binge-watched, but rather meted out episodes to enjoy and then read recaps & commentary where websites like “AV Club” or “” offer them. As I noticed several commenters heralding the show’s only four-legged co-star, “Cashew” the guinea pig, with increasing veneration I got to wondering how this critter derived such a fan following with just a few appearances. Continue reading